Inspire Videos Coming soon to ConnectG!

During 2013 over 2 million people watched on You Tube the Irish language version of Avici’s ‘When I’m Gone’.  This year the company behind that online hit will be producing Ceangal G’s series of  SpreaG Fís Inspire videos.

Galway based Tree Light Productions have been appointed following a closely contested public competition to produce the series of six online videos, modeled on the highly successful TED website.

SpreaG Fís will feature six speakers from throughout Ireland and Scotland whose sole mission is to inspire viewers with their visions of what it is possible to be achieved in our emerging ‘Greater Gaeltacht’.

TLP chief executive, Josef Hrhorow, expressed his delight over the company’s success in the competition.  

No video production company has been as successful as Tree Light Pictures in creating Gaelic video content for the online platforms, he said.  ìWe are confident that our story telling style and our understanding of the online medium that SpreaG FÌs can achieve significant success.

The videos TLP produced for Col·iste Lurgan, including the version of Gaeilge of Avici’s hit, have so far attracted over 8 million views.

According to Alasdair Morrison, Ceangal G’s project director, the appointment is a landmark in the development of the EU funded project.

Soon we will have our first SpreaG FÌs/Inspire Video online on our website – prepare to be inspired!