Going to Market

Format and Pitching Opportunity

Organised by CeangalG with support from ILBF, TG4, MG Alba

25/26 February 2015, Cultúrlann McAdam Ó Fiaich, Belfast


To gain success in ever more competitive markets, production companies working through the medium of Gàidhlig/Gaeilge need to enhance their product ideas and pitch effectively to prospective buyers. Increasingly, the development of new TV formats has the potential to give companies access to a global marketplace where TV broadcasters from around the world can view their proposals alongside those of global competitors.

This event has been developed as a result of collaboration and consultation with broadcasters, TG4 and MG Alba. It is designed to equip participants with the necessary skills to develop formats which they can then pitch to local media outlets and in due course in global marketplaces such as MIPTV etc.
The ‘Going to Market’ event is in two distinct parts.

TV Formats with Justin Scroggie. Cultúrlann 9am – 4pm, 25 February

In this workshop, participants will benefit from the acknowledged expertise of formats wizard, Justin Scroggie, as he gives us his authoritative perspective about successful format development.

  • ‘What is – and isn’t – a format’
  • ‘Ideation – how to develop ideas for formats’
  • ‘Turning good ideas into great formats’

Pitching opportunity 11am, 26th February. Venue TBC

Representatives of broadcasters/funders, TG4/BBCNI/ILBF/MG Alba, will present workshop participants with a call for ideas/formats which they are actively seeking. Each participant will then have an opportunity to make an arrangement to pitch their idea with the appropriate broadcaster.

Further information: Fionbar Ó Baoill, CeangalG Training Manager, fionbar@ceangalg.net