Gaelic for Tourism Toolkits

All you ever wanted to know and were afraid to ask about learning the basics of Irish and/or Gaidhlig is accessible here through our Gaelic Language Toolkits.

If you’re offering accommodation or other services in the tourism industry, you may be hiding your best asset in the campaign to attract more business. It’s the Gaelic language! If you can speak the Irish language, you can speak the oldest living vernacular language in Europe and if you can read as Gaeilge, you can enjoy one of the continent’s most ancient and rich literatures.

There are two versions of language support toolkits, with associated audio files (from native speakers), pronunciation guides, games and more – for Irish and Scottish Gaelic – will be delivered and promoted online to enable all businesses, regardless of size, to access, acquire and use the language in a positive way.

The toolkits address six different cultural tourism situations:

  • Accommodation
  • Adventure tourism and recreation
  • Arts promotions
  • Events and conferences
  • Food and beverage
  • Transport

Visit the CEANGALG GAEILGE TOOLKIT for Irish Gaelic and CEANGALG GÀIDHLIG TOOLKIT for Scottish Gaelic.