Connecting Arts

Artists are visioneers of the Greater Gaeltacht.  See the work of some of Ireland and Scotland’s finest artists in our online gallery.

The creation of an online Gallery to exhibit the best that artists in the Greater Gaeltacht have to offer will be one of Ceangal G’s most significant contributions.   Through the ages, the Gaeltacht communities of Ireland and Scotland have relied on their artists, poets and story tellers for inspirational and iconic images, passionate poetry and enthralling story tellers.   From the weavers of Harris to the makers of Crolly dolls in Donegal, our craftspeople have harnessed their local resources and imaginations to produce iconic goods which are valued throughout the world. 

SaotharlannG  is our creative laboratory aimed at provoking artists to collaborate and to create new work which will help us envision the ‘Greater Gàidhealtachd’ and enhance its potential. It will be a gallery to showcase the best of artists, writers, musicians and actors from the Irish Gaeltacht or the Scottish Gàidhealtachd and it will serve as a forum for artists to bounce ideas off one another. As we develop the Greater Gàidhealtachd, we call to mind the words of Jean Monnet, one of the architects of the present day European Union, who said in his latter years:

If I were to begin again, I would start with culture!”

Here is where we begin….