ConnectG is a European​ Union funded project that aims to increase the collaboration between public sector agencies in the border regions of Northern Irela​​nd, Ireland and Scotland, specifically to support enterprises using Irish and/or Scottish Gaelic.

Our ultimate goal is to maximize opportunities of success for enterprises involved in media, tourism and community. The project team is working on all sorts of resources such as workshops, online-learning, seminars and case studies to fulfill this goal.

We believe that there are significant opportunities for enterprises to use language as a unique selling point and thereby grow their businesses to the benefit of people, language and economies.

ConnectG will contribute by:

  • stimulating enterprise through delivery of training and marketing opportunities
  • supporting language development and exchange
  • monitoring and evaluating how effective our programme is in achieving our objectives
  • communicating to stakeholders, agencies and enterprises about opportunities, benefits and outcomes

The project will run for three years and we hope that will set up the pilots for a long-term strategy.​

The Partners

ConnectG Steering Group

The steering group will oversee delivery of the project and provide support and advice to project staff. It comprises the partners plus:

Sectoral Working Groups

In addition to the overall steering group, there will be three sectoral working groups established to provide sectoral specific support and advice. The groups will comprise representatives from media, tourism and social enterprise public development agencies.